About Us

The Mission of Just For You Women's Healthcare

Everything we do is just for you.
Our mission is summed up in that brief sentence. Just For You Women's Healthcare in Locust Grove, Georgia, was founded in 2009 to provide, for women at all stages of life, a medical encounter unlike any they have ever experienced.
Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art medical care with a holistic approach that addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the 21st-century woman in a setting that is pleasing to the senses and uplifting to the soul.

Our Vision

Just For You Women's Healthcare strives to be the premier women's health facility in the Atlanta area. When you visit our office, you get the best in medical care.
  • State-of-the-art technology, including minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques
  • High-quality care at every stage of life, including the teen years, during pregnancy, and throughout menopause
  • Prompt, flexible appointments and minimal waits
  • One-to-one time with your physician to discuss your concerns
Doctor and nurses

Your Partner in Childbirth

We welcome the opportunity to participate in your child's birth by providing the attentive care that leads to a healthy pregnancy. Let us be your helper and companion in your transition into motherhood.

Enduring Honor and Respect

When you visit our office, you are the recipient of the highest level of respect. We honor you, your body, and the natural processes that you're experiencing. Everything we do is just for you.
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